Two new European Champions from Germany and Austria

Andre MERGENER, PPF European Champion, Germany

On September 16th was 14th Night of Glory in Vienna, Austria.

German amateur WKF World champion Andre MERGENER beat in a top class PPF European title fight Austrian Heavyweight Harald KRETSCHMER  + 91 Kg/200 lbs 

After a fast and hard bout on the end was a draw.

Concerning the rules one minute break one minute extra round.

Again a draw and first score „sudden death“  – Mergener made the clear point.


Stefan ZELLER, PPF European Champion, Austria

Second European title in Light Welterweight – 63,5 Kg/138 lbs  was also on the fight card.

Italian WKF European Champion Francesco TURCO challenged Austrian Stefan ZELLER from Octagon pro Gym as replacement for inured German Heiko STEIERT.

In the second round was Zeller few points in front but suddenly Turco must stop the bout because of an injury on his ribs.

New PPF European Champion Austrian Stefan ZELLER.

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