WKF BRASIL bring strong team to World championships in Cairo

WAGNER Stivi – Mr. WKF Brazil

WKF BRASIL president Mr. Hans ROMANOWSKI confirm a huge Semicontact team for Cairo 2021.

Because of the huge size of this country, Mr. ROMANOWSKI decide to appoint regional directors.

After one Year Mr. Stivi WAGNER mada an excellent job for WKF in Brazil. 

For any additional question or new membership in WKF BRAZIL send just a mail to Mr. Romanowski



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AUSTRIA confirm huge team for World Championships in Cairo

Team WKF AUSTRIA 2019 in Baia Mare, Romania

WKF AUSTRIA confirm next huge team for the World Championships in Egypt’s capitol City Cairo, in October 2021.

In 2018 Austrian fighters had great success in Buenos Aires, Argentina by the last World Championships.


8 Gold / 9 Silver / 6 Bronze medals were the very positive results for the Austrians! They hold today second position in the all times World ranking. After the Czech Republic and before Argentina.

In 2021 Austrians prepare a huge team to World Championships in Cairo, Egypt. Team Austria will bring more than 50 (!) people to the event, fighters and officials.

Many famous Austrian fighters are in our World rankings in PPF, PRO-AM and professional  Kick boxing.

Full information about the amazing World Championships here online.

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WKF IRAN also confirms large team for Cairo 2021

Mr. Amir MOSADEGH, WKF IRAN /MMA division World president

WKF IRAN president Mr. Amir MOSADEGH is our high respected WKF ASIA continental director.

On the World meeting of board of directors 2016 in Italy, majority vote for Mr. Mosadegh as WKF MMA division World president.

In the last World Championships in Buenos Aires, WKF IRAN fighters was so strong and successfully in ring sport division.

Mr. Mosadegh was like an ambassador for his country, and many people was surprised about this nice and friendly style.

In Italy WKF IRAN won seven Gold and one Silver medal !!!

Welcome to Cairo 2021

Mr. Mosadegh had many meetings with other WKF Asian presidents. A very good cooperation for future projects started with e.g. WKF WUSHU & SANDA division World president Sifu YAN Dinan

For the World Championships in Cairo 2021 many tough Iranian Champions will come to challenge the World. WKF IRAN could be again one of the biggest and strongest team.

Just the weekend before is the upcoming WKF World referee seminar, perfect to get or extend international Referee license as well.


WKF World Championships October 18th to 24th in Cairo, Egypt

First time in history on the African continent !

Wushu world president Dinan YAN meets MMA World president, China meets Iran

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WKF CHINA – qualification for Cairo has begun


WKF CHINA president and WKF World president for Sanda and Wushu Mr. YAN Dinan held an international referee seminar in China.

Special guest in the seminar was WKF World president Mr. Fritz EXENBERGER.

Sifu YAN started already with an election of international Chinese Referees and coaches for the upcoming World Championships in October in Cairo, Egypt.

The qualification of China’s best male and female warriors has also begun.

We expect as usual a huge and strong team in Cairo!

For any further information contact Sifu YAN directly by mail, please.

WKF CHINA officials from the last seminar – 上届研讨会的WKF CHINA官员


WKF CHINA和WKF SANDA以及WUSHU世界主席阎迪南在中国举行了一次国际裁判研讨会。

研讨会的特别嘉宾是WKF World总裁Fritz EXENBERGER先生。

严思夫已经开始为即将在埃及开罗举行的世锦赛选举中国国际裁判和教练。 中国最好的男女战士的资格也已经开始。

我们希望像往常一样在开罗拥有一支庞大而强大的团队!有关更多信息,请直接通过电子邮件与Yan Sifu联系。 严弟楠

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WKF CZECH REPUBLIC prepare a strong team for Cairo

WKF Česká Republika předseda pan Raddy DIVIS

WKF CZECH REPUBLIC  president Mr. Raddy DIVIS is ready for your updates, from all our WKF Czech Republic members, promoters and clubs. 

In the past our Czech friends had always very good Semicontact or point fighter.

Many World and European Champions in different federations are the best reputation for the Czech Champions.

Help WKF to help you for your event.

If you want to promote any WKF event in Czech republic, amateur tournaments, or PRO-AM , PPF , SANDA or MMA title fight send just a mail to our office.

On our web site you could also change the language, just have a look on the top right hand, easy to use.

Our WKF CZECH team was always strong in our European and World Championships. Also a lot of good official and judges

Today Czech Rep. hold still first place in Grand Total of all WKF World Championships in the past. Followed closely by Austria and Argentina.

Many photos since 2011 HERE in the gallery.


Of course, our Czech sports friends want to defend their position in Egypt.

Therefore we expect again a huge team in next  World Championships in Cairo.

For any requests or if you and your team want to become a member of WKF Czech – send just a mail to our head office.


Předseda pan Raddy DIVIS

Česká Republika úřad mail: office@wkf.cz

Hledáme nové zaměstnance pro řízení WKF v České republice !!!

Těšíme se na Vás …


Grand total of all Champions

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WKF SWITZERLAND moves on again

WKF SWITZERLANDwe move on forward again in the lovely country of chocolate and cheese. 

We are in negotiations with one of the best and oldest promoter in Switzerland for WKF sanctioned events.

Many fighters and managers in Switzerland are tired and disappointed about 2nd class promoters and/or so called World federations.

Pretending to be a world federation but only having a few contacts in neighboring countries. No structure. No real federation or web site. Nothing, nada, Nitschewo, nichts !

Often just a “one man show internet federation” in real:-)

Of what value are such titles ?

And how “so important” are any of this fake titles of this events ?

Howsoever– Swiss fighter and all peoples understand more and more the big advantage to become member in WKF SWITZERLAND.

And we invite all top class Swiss fighters to represent their country on the amateur European Championships in Baia Mare, October 21st to 26th. 

For future information’s and any request send just a mail.

WKF European Champion belt

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Welcome our new WKF UK director !

Norbert Dohi LIVIU, WKF UK director

Since 01.01.2021 Norbert Dohi LIVIU is our new manager and director for UK and Great Britain. E-mail !

Liviu was in Dunaújváros 2015 Vice – European Champion and in Italy 2016 World Champion.

He was long time member in the WKF ROMANIA national team and he is multiple Romanian Champion.

Furthermore he is Kickboxing instructor 3. DAN, specialized in functional and personal training.

For more information, collaboration in the new WKF UK team, membership of your team at WKF UK or any further requests contact from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland Mr. Liviu in English, Romanian or Hungarian language.

The new WKF UK web site


The World Kickboxing Federation is one of the leading organizations World Wide in the promotion of amateur and professional kickboxing in all styles, Muay Thai and Mixed martial arts hosting professional fighting events.

Our modern and interactive approach to this sport highlights our commitment to keeping you updated with the latest events taking place worldwide.

UK face book

The WKF UK was formed in February 2011, the WKF UK stresses its strong belief in offering equal opportunities to sufficiently skilled athletes who have practiced  Kickboxing, enabling them to display their talents in the National and International Amateur and Professional arenas.

Also to ensure the credibility of their “world championship” titles and gives these world class athletes an international platform on which to perform.


For any your request send mail 24/7 please !

Read more here

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30th Austrian Open in Innsbruck – 23th / 24th April 2021

full invitation here

WKF AUSTRIA vice president Gerhard CORRADINI announce next great international event in Innsbruck, Austria.

WKF AUSTRIA Vice president Gerhard CORRADINI

Promoter Gerhard CORRADINI and his team organize one more time in Innsbruck Austrian Open tournament. Open for all countries, federations and teams.

Invitation is here, you can compete in Forms, point fighting, light contact , kick light and K-1 rules.

Review of the last Year:

Many teams from neighboring countries have last Year registered too, but have not come.

These are exactly the same teams and clubs that complain about tournaments and organize no events themselves in their countries.

At the same time, they claim to have “the best fighters”.

Obviously it’s just easier to stay at home and always just talk stupid.

Please in the future only sign up, if you really want to participate!

WKF AUSTRIA hopes for better cooperation work in 2021 at the next Austrian Open

contact: kickboxclub-innsbruck@gmx.at


Welcome to Innsbruck  😀 

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Next European Championships October 2022 in Spijkenisse

WKF NETHERLANDS president Sijou VAN DER SPEK announce next European Championship 2022 in Spijkenisse near Rotterdam.

Because of Corona WKF had to postpone to spring 2022. Our European WKF family meet in beautiful Netherlands.

Over 30 countries will participate and there will be matches from kids to juniors to seniors.

In the final day will be 12 fights with important and great fights.
Full information, Hotel booking and more coming soon.
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PPF – important Pro Point Fighting News !

PPF World president Fernando GUERRERO

Our respected WKF PPF World president Mr. Fernando GUERRERO from Santiago de Chile want to move on with our PPF division.

Please contact him for your next scheduled PPF title fight and any further request !

ANNOUNCEMENT: As President of Pro Point Fight and TATAMI SPORTS of the WKF WORLD KICKBOXING FEDERATION I am waiting for the WKF Presidents of each country to contact me to formalize their Pro Point Fight Directors or TATAMI SPORTS in their country.

Along with this, it’s time to start programming Pro Title Fight and Title Tables.

Without your participation and collaboration this will not be possible. I urge you to contact me as soon as possible.

To get to work ….. Competitors and fighters are waiting for our efforts.

ANUNCIO : Como Presidente de Pro Point Fight y TATAMI SPORTS de la WKF WORLD KICKBOXING FEDERATION  estoy a la espera de que me contacten los Presidentes de WKF de cada país para formalizar sus Directores de Pro Point Fight o TATAMI SPORTS en su país.

Junto con esto es hora de empezar a programar Peleas por Titulo de Pro Point Fight y de Tatami Sports. 

Sin su participación y colaboración esto no sera posible. Los insto a contactarme a la brevedad.

A ponerse a trabajar ….. Los competidores y luchadores están esperando de nuestras gestiones.

Atentamente / contact:

Fernando Guerrero T. 

Presidente Mundial de PPF WKF World KickBoxing Federation

Vice Presidente de WKF Chile 

Escriben directamente a: ppf.wkfworldpresident@gmail.com 

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