World Championships 2024 in Spain !!!

To all our strong WKF member countries,

Champions and our best referees!


president WKF ESPAÑA, Juan PINILLA

The whole world will meet after Cairo 2021 in November 2024 in Alicante, Spain and many strong teams from Europe, North and Latin America, Asia and Africa will challenge our best Champions !

In order to stay at the top of the world rankings,

WKF needs all of our best fighters, women and men!

Full information and updates HERE:

Invitación e información completa en español

I’ll see you all in Alicante in November 2024



We look forward to working with new experts who would like to represent their country as the new WKF country President.

Interested in working in a large world association? 

Send us a non-binding email with your inquiry!

WKF tournament registration program ONLINE

Mr. Fritz EXENBERGER, WKF World president

Welcome in 21st century

Since many Years WKF technical committee work in the background with our new amazing registration program.

Now, in time for the upcoming upcoming World Championships on November 18th to 22nd 2024

We have activated our free program for registering all national teams online


ONLY ON REQUEST by E-mail, all Presidents of WKF World federation will receive their personal access, Username and password.

Thus only the presidents can register, change or delete their participants for the World  Championship. Of course you can also see the already registered participants.

But as I said – only the country presidents!

The link to the registration program can be found here

WKF head office has already emailed all of our WKF Presidents around the world full information.


Many new updates in our World rankings

Dominika CHMIEL, Poland




So many new male and female fighters in our PRO-AM World ranking as well as in our PPF – Pro Point Fighting World rankings.

Based on the results of the World Championships in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Just in the last two weeks more than 50 new fighters are listed in the WKF World rankings.

Many photos of our Champions are still missed, please check all rankings and send your photo by mail ASAP.

European and Worldchampion Alexandra PETRE, Austria

Everybody likes the idea to give the best amateur fighters a chance to fight for a real valuable title, and still to be amateur.

This is to avoid any miss match, just to have an opponent in same amateur level.

How to get listed ?

Very simple, just fill in the online fighter profile on right hand, add a jpg of your male / female fighter and send to our head office. Can´t be much easier !!!

If you want to book any PPF title fight or PRO-AM title for your next event title just contact our head office by mail.

WKF EUROPE looking for new Pointfighting expert

Since January 1st – after the Covid virus –

our WKF has also been reorganized

info here

To date, around 40 former WKF state presidents and directors have been dismissed worldwide. So did our last president of our PPF – Pro Point Fighting in Europe.

Due to inability, empty promises, not enough PPF titlefights – events approved by the WKF, no big national teams in Semicontact / pointfighting at the last continental and World Championships, etc.

Our PPF world ranking site male and female also needs an update!


Therefore, our continental federation WKF EUROPE is looking for a new


WKF European director


for PPF – Pro Point Fighting


Which expert would like to work in our team in the European continental association?

Come to Trieste in October for the WKF European congress and present your ideas!

At the World Cup 2024

we celebrate 60 years of WKF!

1964 – 2024 !!!

If you are interested in becoming part of a large, global, conservative and reputable association,

we look forward to your non-binding inquiry.

Perfect in English 🙂

We look forward to our new PPF  team!

PPF title belt

International licensed WKF female referees and officials

Daniela GARRIDO ASENJO / Chile

WKF HEAD OFFICE work very hard in cooperation with our IRC- “International rules committee” to train our international officials and referees, to answer protests and requests for the competition rules and to develop our various WKF rules.

History has shown that nothing is set in stone.

As the world know – our next World referee seminar will be held October 2023, just the weekend before the WKF European Championships.

Susanna ARRIGHI / Argentina

The next but one World referee seminar will be held in autumn 2024 , just before the next World Championships.

Without valid WKF license you are not an official in our World Kickboxing Federation!!

Today WKF has more than  100 international licensed referees on 6 continents.

Of these, unfortunately, we only have seven female officials.

He WENJU / China

Like all knowledge, more and more strong female champions and athletes are fighting

Our executive board therefore emphatically requests all WKF country presidents to send more female referees to the seminar in Romania.

It’s in your hands and

we just need more female

officials in the ring


Alexandra PETRE / Austria
Alexandra KAPPL / Austria
Tanja HELML, Austria
Patrizia APOLOT / Uganda

Next WKF Wold referee seminar in Slovenia, October 26th

Euro full information HERE
Our European Championships are in Trieste, Italy, October 26th to 29th.
Our next WKF World referee seminar is first time in history in Slovenija on Thursday, October 26th in Škofije, just 15Km from Trieste.
Referees can not be in duty by us without an official WKF license, and without WKF fighter license is no fight.
WKF EUROPE continental federation expect now after Covid again more than 25 countries from all over Europe, in October 26th to 29th 2023
Many competitors in all WKF disciplines,  6 Forms divisions and Semi contact , Light contact and kick-light on Tatami, ring sport in 4 disciplines and MMA. 
Just Thursday before is the upcoming annual
WKF World referee seminar
Best chance to get or extend international Referee license as well.
Each country must bring to continental an World championships at least one WKF licensed referee or pay cash 300 .- Euro/USD deposit!

Pro point title fights …

PPF European champion belt

We got World wide many requests for WKF sanctioned Pro Point fighting title fights, a real big interest.

Most answers of FAQ are already here on our web site, fees just on request by mail to the head office. Check the download button and see the “title fight minimum request” file and 99% off all doubts and questions should be clear.

For questions to PPF rules read the “Pro Point Fighting rules book”, available in various languages !

Please understand – like in professional ring sport all fighters must be listed here in the PPF World ranking to get a sanction for any WKF title fight, free of charge!

If you want to post your male / female fighter in the World ranking just fill in the online “Fighter profile form” and send back with JPG photo to our head office.

2023 – You want to promote WKF titles ?


WKFWorld Kickboxing Federation

was 2022 the fastest growing World sanctioning body. Events for amateurs and pro on 6 continents in more than 140 countries shows about the serious activities of our promoter, manager and fighters.

Dr. Lena LEVYTSKAYA, Ukraine, multiple World Champion

Just in 12 month WKF has sanctioned 2021/2022 more than 300 shows and title fights World wide.

From South Africa to Scandinavia, from USA to Russia, from Canada to Argentina. In Papua New Guinea and Australia, as well as more than 18 WKF events 2022 just in our WKF Africa continental  federation.

With our WKF Australia and Oceania continental president Mr. Rustam ATTAI we have also many new events scheduled in Australia, Guam, Papua New Guinea and others.

This confirm once again our WKF slogan

 “we are the real global player”

multiple World Champion Alexandra “GODZILLA” PETRE

.We have no fakes on our event schedule. Our different male / female World rankings in PPF – Pro Point Fighting, PRO-AM , pro ring sport and MMA are top, based on information’s we get from our World wide network.

WKF title fight minimum requirements are here, if you want to promote a real World title fight with great value, or for any other request, do not hesitate to contact us by mail.

For all the best point fighters all over the World we offer PPF – PRO POINT FIGHTING – with valid PPF World ranking lists, both divisions with great value and World wide recognition.

For ring sport amateurs we offer our PRO-AM title fights for less costs.

We offer the chance to fight in all 4 ring sport divisions for our great demand WKF Champion belts. Here are our 5 pro divisions, with valid World ranking lists, rules, title fight minimum requirements and much more

European Champion Nikita from Austria waiting your challenge